R e g i s t e r e d   I n v e s t m e n t   A d v i s o r s    
30 0   M a i n   S t r e e t ,   C i n c i n n a t i ,   O h i o     4 5 2 0 2
R u s s e l l   S i m s ,   C F A     O s b o r n   R o h s   W i l l i a m s   & D o n o h o e ,   L L C
Additional information through Mary Ran Gallery LLC email - mrangallery@aol.com
For information on becoming a sponsor for 2015, please  contact Mary Ran Gallery.
As we prepare for 2015. . . We already have numerous returning artists committed to what promises to be an even more exciting exhibition. We are in the preliminary planning stages for increased incentives for artists participation, greater media coverage, and a wide spread advertising campaign on a National level. There are many talented artists who can not afford the high costs of exhibiting in an international art fair. With your contribution, you may consider sponsoring a specific artist, or simply aid in advancing the fine art movement in Cincinnati. Our goal is to provide an even broader range of professional art that will bring prominence to the city and place CIFAF among the Mid-west’s highest quality fine art fairs. With your support, we promise this year’s fair will delight you in its variety, quality and vision.  Art fairs have undeniably become one of the most interesting shopping venues in the country.    
The Artist’s Comments on 2013. “The first CIFAF was a wonderful exhibition. Mary Ran made the opportunity to put Cincinnati on the cultural map with a quality selection of artists, hopefully as a long run tradition. . .    Well, it was the first fair, we had a very positive response from public, and I am sure the next one will be even better, much anticipated event.“ - Natasha Kinnari “Those who attended that I know were impressed with the event: I was proud to be a participant. Thank you for including me, and I hope to be invited back”. - Deirdre Dyson “. . . I had a great time and look forward to the next one! “  - Susan Goldman “. . .we want to congratulate Mary Ran, by recognizing her vision and leadership in greater Cincinnati. With this show, she has set a higher standard for visual art, its appreciation and presentation. We hope that this event will begin to overcome the pitiful amateurism that dominates our region regarding the visual arts. Mary understands that objective and has shown the courage to address it.”  -  Gl Born, Jenny Clark, David Cramer, Larry       Griggs
A special thanks to our past sponsors
-         -    3       Thank you to all of the artists, volunteers and patrons of the    Cincinnati International Fine Art Show       We are extremely pleased to sponsor the fabulous paintings of    Megan Heekin Triantafilou
Cincinnati Art Club
 We strive to provide excellence in service to our clients, opportunities for our employees and a mutually beneficial relationship with out insurance carriers.
Supplies and Services for Artists and People WHO LOVE ART
1309 Vine Street Cincinnati, OH. 45202
The Cincinnati Art Club was founded in 1890 and is the second  oldest Art club in the nation. Our purpose is to advance the  knowledge and love of art through association and education.  Today, with over 300 members, we continue to promote art via  exhibitions, workshops, and hands-on demonstrations. We  encourage sketch, painting, and critique group sessions which  are open to all members.
1021 Parkside Place Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Join and be a part of the Cincinnati Art Experience
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