M. Katherine Hurley
Jens G. Rosenkrantz Jr.
Mr. Rosenkrantz has been an avid photographer for decades and has now opened a studio in the Pendleton Art Center at Suite 701. When he is not busy traveling the US and Europe capturing images or hanging out on Final Fridays, he can be found at his restaurant in Clifton, La Poste Eatery. Or at his new place in Northside, Django Western Taco. His work has been shown at various locations around Cincinnati including the PAC Gallery, the Fifth Street Gallery (coming soon), the Brazee Studios, La Poste Eatery, Dilly Cafe, Suder's Art Store, The Esquire Theatre, Downtown Cincinnati ?Window Dressing? project, the Indian Hill Church Art Show, and Eli's BBQ. Additionally his work has been included in regional art competitions at the Art Design Consultants and the Carnegie Art Center.
There is a mystic touch to the landscapes of M. Katherine Hurley. Her transitions in tone between leaves and sky or meadow and water are as subtle as the shift between stillness and a breeze – between stillness and a ripple in the water. An artist with an eye, a heart, and a deep reverence for landscape, she sees a chapel in the form of a barn, sanctuary in the shade of the forest, and she can experience communion in a cluster of color. The mystic landscapes of M. Katherine  Hurley  exist beyond the physical; they lie in a region between the remembered and the imagined – a space that is the tone and color between leaves and the sky.
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La Poste Eatery.
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