Tom Post
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T om Post has been a professional arti st for over 32 years although his
interest in arts goes back to his childho od where he can remember
drawing even at the age of five. He ha s a BF A   in Fine Arts from
Columbus College of Art and Design w here he graduated in 1987. He‘s
been commisioned to created art for m any of the major art agencies and
fortune 500 companies in the Cincinna ti area and beyond. His work is also
in private collections around the USA. Heavily influence by the
impressionistic period he uses loose b rushwork and simplistic shapes to
captures his subject matter and the em otions of what he is trying to
communicate. He’ s represented at the  Raymond Art Gallery in Hyde Park
but a more extensive collection of his a rt can be view at his website: His email contact is: tpost@cinci.rr .com. 
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