Suzanne Marie Lambert
In 2003 she worked in the Motion Picture Film Industry on the Jim Amatulli film, 'Artworks'. Lambert worked on location during the filming of the movie; along with some art consulting, her paintings were used as those of the lead character, Emma, played by Virginia Madsen. 4 Although her formal education is other than painting and photography, it is in these fields of art where her passion resides. With her love of photography, she built her own dark room when she was 18 years old. She began drawing and painting at the age of 3 and has continued to become a working artist. Lambert exhibits nationally and internationally. Her work is collected privately and corporately. She is available for commission work and for design consultation. "My intention is to visually convey, thru color, tone, and composition, the feeling and essence of places I live and visit, the people I experience. Energy of life moves me; I wish to bring this feeling to the viewer, to touch them and, perhaps, to lift the soul. In my work I express the beauty which I see and feel in this adventure we call 'Life'. "To move beyond limitation, expressing movement, to find a freedom beyond rational procedure… an execution of genuine activity." -SML
CONTACT INFORMATION: USA: + 513.702.8926 / 513.281.5522   France: + 33.565.246.324 email SuzanneMLambert @  website:
Suzanne Marie Lambert splits her time between Europe and the US. She lives and works from her 2 studios, one located in Cincinnati Ohio, the other in France. She works with mixed media on canvas and paper. Her work is abstract and contemporary. In the 1970's she studied ceramics and sculpture, metal crafting and welding. She is self-taught in painting, drawing and photography. Lambert studied classical ballet at Jordan College of Music at Butler University 1974-1978. She attended Indiana University 1981-1984, studying psychology, specializing in sports psychology, and modern dance.
In 2002 she exhibited and taught abstract painting at Miami University as a guest session artist.
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