Susan Goldman
Lily Press located in Rockville, Maryland, is a fine art printmaking studio, owned and operated by artist and master printer, Susan Goldman. Lily Press provides services to artists for production of original limited edition hand printed and/or digital process prints, created in intaglio, relief, screen printing and monotype. Lily Press offers private tutorials, demonstrations, workshops, lectures, contract printing, publication opportunities and distribution.   "Since finishing graduate school in 1984 from Arizona State University-Tempe, I have always had a working studio, and other artists have always sought me out to either train them or assist them to produce their work." After moving to Washington in 1990 and working for ten years as a master printer and a program director at Pyramid Atlantic [a non-profit center for papermaking and printmaking], she developed many wonderful relationships with artists with whom she had printed over the years-these artists continued to pursue her for more training and collaborative interaction.  In 2006 Goldman began to work with other artists in her studio, which she named Lily Press, and realized her first collaborative projects and publishing ventures.    
Blossom, 2010 / Screenprint 15" x 11" Edition: 15
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