Setsuko LeCroix
Setsuko LeCroix is a native of Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan.  She moved to Cincinnati in 1982 and later lived in Caracas, Venezuela, and Kobe, Japan.  In 1993, during her time in Kobe, Setsuko began studying Japanese ink painting (sumi-e).  After returning to Cincinnati in 1999, she continued painting sumi-e.  She returned to Japan frequently and spent time in meditation at Miidera, a historic Buddhist temple outside Kyoto.
Early in her career, Setsuko's goal was to translate her Japanese artistic skills and knowledge into an international range of subjects, hoping that Japanese aesthetic and cultural ideals would gain a broader following. In 2009, after spending nearly 15 years working on Japanese art, Setsuko decided to localize in Cincinnati and began studying Western art under the direction of David Mueller, an internationally respected artist.  Setsuko is currently drawing portraits (using graphite) for commission and recently began working on oil paintings as well. With her roots in the Japanese sumi-e tradition, Setsuko is equally at home in Western techniques. "It's like cooking a Japanese dish one day and a French one the next.  They are both delicious in their own way." After concentrating on Western art for the past few years, Setsuko is curious to see how her exposure and experience with both Japanese and Western art will influence her future artwork. 
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