Natasha Kinnari
Russian born artist Natasha Kinnari grew up reading classical literature and appreciating and studying art. Visiting Art museums in Moscow and Leningrad helped to form her aesthetic preferences. "Peredvizhniks", depicting true realities of life and human condition, historical and mythological paintings or some bright decorative pieces. Art, that make you think, connects with you on emotional level or just brighten our life. During the four years in her first art college in Astrakhan, Russia, painting and drawing from life gave her a solid base to experiment with her own styles and techniques. At the age of 22 Natasha moved to Riga, Latvia, and studied another four years in the Latvian Academy of Art. Seven hours of painting and drawing live models every day, six days a week, gave her the ability and freedom to invent her own compositions. Natasha lives now in Cincinnati, OH, is a full time painter and maintains an art studio at the Pendleton Art Center. Artwork by Natasha Kinnari can be found in European and American private collections. She is a signature member of the Cincinnati Art Club, Woman's Art Club and the Portrait Society of America. She actively participates in the local and regional exhibitions. Her works were given Best of the Show, First and Second places. Natasha concentrates on portraiture and teaching. Recently she started teaching a series of classes "Russian School Drawing", which will be an equivalent of a year in art college. There is an overwhelming interest in learning the Russian Academic Drawing approach. The retrospective exhibition of Natasha Kinnari is scheduled for November 2014 in the WAC Cultural Center to commemorate her twenty years in the USA.    Natasha is represented by the Mary Ran Gallery.         
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