Jim Farr (Dauber)
Jim "Dauber" Farr has had a successful career for over 40 years customizing cars and working on his fine art. He got started in 1968 designing the graphics for drag racing cars, which all these years later, he is now being asked to restore. His work has been featured in Hot Rod, Drag Racing, Airbrush Action and Sign of the Times magazines. In 2006 he was inducted into the National Hot Rod Association's Hall Of Fame, as the only artists. In Cincinnati Art Works’ “Big Pig Gig” in 2000, Farr designed and painted three pigs. Frank Wood’s “Road Hog”, Toyota’s “Hamry”, and Harley-Davidson’s “Biker Pig”. When the pigs were sold at auction, Farr was the second highest grossing event artist.
Jim Farr is a painter of landscapes of the lakes and forests of Northeast United States and Canada.
He is also famous in the custom car world as “Dauber”, master freehand pin-striper, graphic designer, illustrator and gold leaf craftsman. His name is synonymous with artist expression in the worlds of custom cars, race cars, hot rods, motorcycles and auto restoration.
513 476 3637 P.O. Box 11045 Cincinnati, Ohio 45211
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