Jeff Nieman,
Mimi Nieman
Jeff was born in Cincinnati where he was tutored from an early age by his artist mother Mimi Nieman and her father Matthew Wagner, also an accomplished fine artist. Jeff has grown up surrounded by art and the appreciation of the artistic nature of landscapes, seascapes, rural and urban settings enhanced by atmospheric lighting.
Mimi Nieman is a virtuoso painter, equally acclaimed for her plein air landscapes and lakescapes and for her imaginative works of children. She has been a professional painter for over forty years. Some of her most respected paintings are of the countryside, both in North America and in Europe where she travels annually. Her impressionist style is also noted in her thoughtful mood and rendering of her paintings of children.With skilled drawing and use of rich but suttle color, her paintings leave the viewer to enjoy an innocent moment in the life of a child.
Upon graduation from high school, Mimi received a scholorship to the Art Academy of Cincinnati. During her academy years her art became the center of her world, a world that would lead to a lifetime of painting. After graduation Mimi continued her education, receiving a B.S. Degree in Art Education from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Mimi, a native Cincinnatian, has just recently returned to her hometown after living in Carmel, California and Leelanau County Michigan, where she ran her own gallery in Leland and Glen Arbor Michigan for over 25 years. A collection of her most recent works can be viewed at Mary Ran Gallery, Cincinnati, and Treeline Gallery, Suttons Bay, Michigan
He enjoys attempting to capture the beauty of raw nature itself as well as mankind’s interaction with it. He has attended classes at The Art Academy of Cincinnati, The Scottsdale Artist’s School and numerous on site location classes through the years. His first classes were at the Cincinnati Art Museum at the age of 5. His instructors include Jack Meanwell, Scott Christensen, William Hook, Charles Gruppe, Joe Peter, and Ken Landon Buck. Jeff’s artwork is represented at Mary Ran Gallery.
Mimi’s artwork is represented at Mary Ran Gallery.
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