Holly Schapker
My studio is in a renovated 140 year old building in the Over-the-Rhine section of Cincinnati, Ohio. I think of myself as an outdoor painter, but find myself spending months in the studio without setting foot outside due to weather and other commitments. Nonetheless, I paint at an outdoor easel whenever I can, and my spring, summer and fall revolve around this passion. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Xavier University's Art Department and studied for endless years under Michael Scott and Cole Carothers. I taught art at the Baker Hunt Institute in Covington, Kentucky and painting at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. Artist Statement on Paintings The creative process is never ending for me. I try to observe and learn in every minute and, hopefully, my paintings depict my quest for truth and beauty. While I paint in the studio or outdoors, I relinquish my personal control of the brush to the Universal energy which results in a timelessness gift I humbly receive. It is a privilege to be a painter and I try never to forget that. I hope that others enjoy my work.
Website: www.hollyschapker.com email:  hschapker@aol.com
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