Greenacres Artists Guild
History of the Greenacres Artists Guild In 2011, Greenacres produced and hosted the 100 Years of Art in Cincinnati exhibit at the Greenacres Arts Center.  This highly acclaimed art show showcased art from Cincinnati's Golden Age to the present.  In the process of producing the exhibit, Greenacres discovered that there was a void in the Cincinnati area for artists who are committed to the principles, methods, and traditions of Cincinnati's Golden Age.  Therefore, we teamed up with elite professional living artists from the Cincinnati area who are focused on the traditional approach to art and formed the Greenacres Artists Guild.  Each member of the Greenacres Artists Guild was personally selected and invited to join the organization based on their abilities and approach to art.   About the Greenacres Artists Guild Membership of the Greenacres Artists Guild is by invitation only and is determined by the Greenacres Jury.  Members provide artwork to be displayed at the Greenacres Arts Center year-round and gather together several times a year to share ideas, techniques and information.  The Greenacres Artists Guild has exclusive rights to plein air opportunities at Greenacres and supports the Greenacres Arts Education Department by speaking to school groups when requested.   Mission of the Greenacres Artists Guild The mission of the Greenacres Artists Guild is to encourage the highest standards of classical art in Cincinnati, provide a gallery space for that purpose and promote discussion, ideas and education for the benefit of artists, students and the community. The Greenacres Art Education department incorporates the art from the Artists Guild into their lessons for the free school field trips that Greenacres provides.  In addition, when any of the art of the Greenacres Artists Guild is purchased from the Arts Center 30% of the sales goes towards the Greenacres Bus Transportation Fund to provide transportation support to qualifying schools who visit Greenacres.
Members of the Greenacres Artists Guild: Cole Carothers Linda Crank Mark Daly Bruce Erikson Ann Geise Carin Hebenstreit Will Hillenbrand MaryBeth Karaus Kate Lackman Loren Long Richard Luschek Carolyn Manto Chuck Marshall Dianne McElwain Frank McElwain Gail Morrison Jeff Morrow David Mueller Chris (CF) Payne Bruce Petrie Jacob Pfeiffer Clem Robins John A. Ruthven Carl Samson Holly Schapker Joe Smith
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