Evan Hildebrandt
Evan Hildebrandt starting making art in 2003 while working for a top car company in Northern Kentucky.  He started drawing with sharpie markers and soon amassed several dozen drawings.  He continued to draw and started to explore oil paint and other artistic mediums.  Over the course of several years, Evan's prolific nature and hard work paid off and he began to sell his artwork.  After seven years of working at a "normal job", Evan felt it was time to take the plunge and become a full time artist.  Evan quit his job and jumped with both feet into the art world.   Art became more than just a hobby for him and he soon became sought after by clients and designers. Evan often works with clients and interior designers to create site specific work.   He has also worked at Artworks as the lead artist on a large scale mural project. Evan works out of his studio on the 3rd floor above the art gallery at Bromwell's, located at 117 west 4th street in Downtown Cincinnati.  In this space, Evan has the ability to house a number of his works and do large scale projects.  He uses a wide range of materials including tar, floor varnish, oil paint, spray paint, resin, acrylic and rope. 
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