Bukang Kim
For Bukang Yu Kim, unlike many other artists of her generation, the landscape is not a neutral value, a familiar armature upon which to construct a web of abstract brushstrokes possessing their own form and meaning. Rather it is anemotional trigger, her immediate and deeply felt response to which engenders a broad range of feelings, from a sense of longing and loss for the pleace she left as a young woman to a sense of possibility, of her desire to reach beyond the familiar confines of home studio. What is suprising, and truly impressive, when one reviews a number of her landscapes is not only how powerfully emotive but also how varied they are. 
email: bukangkim@yahoo.com
Ocean Wave oil on canvas 52” x 64”
Excepts written by Timoyhy Rub (Director, Cincinnati Art Museum, 2004)
BFA Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea Exhibit in Kyongbok Palace, Seoul, Korea, 1965 MFA UC in  1992 25 solo exhibitions throughout the world, and numerous group exhibitions.
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