Gil Born, Jenny Clark, David Cramer and Larry Griggs - four artists who have painted together for years, now exhibiting together for the first time. What brought these four together was their teacher and mentor, the late Joe Peter at the Art Academy. The artists frequently paint together as a group in plain air and in figure studies. Often their work will be of the same subject; but different in their individual style and perspective. Although each artist  is unique, their collaboration informs their own work.
Born,Clark,Cramer & Griggs
Gil Born, Professor Emeritus of the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati, has been an artist, designer and educator for more than 50 years. Throughout those years, concurrent with teaching, he maintained a practice as an illustrator of architectural and development projects in the greater Cincinnati area. He now concentrates on plein air and figurative painting in oil. email:
Jenny Clark A Cincinnati native, Jenny is a graphic designer who has always loved to paint. Within the past 10 years she began to concentrate on plein air painting in oils. Inspired by the impressionists, Jenny usually paints on location. She uses expressive brush strokes and color to convey her love of nature. email:
David Cramer, a native of Cincinnati, is a Senior Attorney at the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati . David developed an interest in art and painting during his college years. David takes part in the VSA program of Kentucky teaching Art to children with disability. In the last twelve years, David's plein air paintings are impressionistic landscapes with an emphasis on color, texture, and atmosphere. To contact David Cramer send an e-mail to email:
Larry Griggs Despite an early education in art, photography and architecture, Larry didn't pursue painting seriously until he was in his 40s.  After a career in information technology he began spending progressively more time at his easel. Currently he moderates open studio figure drawing sessions at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, is a frequent participant at the Manifest Drawing Center in Cincinnati, and paints weekly with a small group of fellow artists. To contact Larry Griggs or view more of his work visit
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