Betsie Molinsky
Embracing Life    Acrylic on Canvas... 40" x 30"
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From my earliest memory I have had a very personal "visual awareness" of the world around me. I was able to act on this intuitive feeling when I attended the University of Cincinnati in the DAA program in 1960. I enjoyed the beauty of the human figure and decided to become a fashion Illustrator. In my third year I met George Molinsky, the gentleman who would become my husband in 1963. Eight years later I was a very happy mother of 5 children. All my creative energy turned to our children and our home. In 1980 I met Paul Chidlaw, a noted painter in Cincinnati; that encounter changed the course of my adult life. In 1985 Paul introduced me to Roland Huston and told me he was the one who could explain the "language" of fine art the Masters knew and share with each other. For 18 years, every week, I studied with Roland in his studio (1987 - 2005). Roland is now in heaven, happily sitting on a park bench, talking with the Masters about what it means to create "fine" art. I hope there is room on that bench when I reach the pearly gates. I could talk about the joy of painting for eternity.
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